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epzdud 2

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by XtraDark, Jul 9, 2016.


Should epz be banned?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. Maybe

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  1. XtraDark Donator Veneris Rank

    Jan 20, 2016
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    There has been many incidents and recent events, that have led us to believe that epzdud has been deceiving about the recent events with the town and claims. that has all been cleared up, but it was hard to do because of the mess epz has created. the town is back to the way it should be.
    Epzdud has been (as i said before) very rude, sarcastic, and lying to everybody about what has happened. here are some logs explaining the LEAST of what he as been doing. he was the one who started teh argument about the claim, and lying to everyone about WHO is actually the mayor of the town. he was saying that i was stealing stuff from the base when I wasen't, and you can check EVERY chest he owns. he was saying bad words behind my back, and tricking everyone to think I was saying bad things to him. you can check ALL the logs, I dd not say a SINGLE bad thing to him. he was just lying to craft so I would be kicked out of mayor. unfortunately, I cannot supply more evidince, because most of the bad and deceiving things he said about me where on skype, and when i was offline. the reason i know he said lies when i was offline is because craft told me.
    liz has proof that epz griefed the town (placing/breaking blocks) and using up/braking resources for the town, and when craft asked epz if he knew about it, epz said he did not know what happened, but he was then asked my liz if he did, he said it was a troll. epz is practically the cause of ALL the problems me and craft and ojz had the past week. this is not the first time he has ben complained about, and he as ben doing this ALL week and he DEFINITELY had more than 4 offences. I request epz to be perm banned, because we would have saved HOURS of work if he wasent there to mess up everything in the first place.

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  2. Brittain Dozing

    Jun 18, 2016
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    This is all true. He has been nothing but trouble
  3. PyroGlugsVodka Staff Helper Veneris Rank Plot of the Week Dragon Slayer Wither Friday Top Voter

    Dec 23, 2013
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    Keller MEME STAR...... Just In The Newz
  4. camiwarrior Skinner Moderator Saturni Rank Plot of the Week Dragon Slayer Top Voter

    Jun 28, 2014
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    From what I have understanding of, Moderator Lizstrunk has explained to epzdud his actions were wrong and gave him a warning. The next course of action will be a temp/perm ban depending if he repeats the rule breaking actions and in what capacity he breaks them. Im sorry Xtra but a player cannot ask staff and players to take a poll to ban someone, however if a future action comes up and there is no staff available to witness it we do appreciate a forum post with proof (screenshot/chat logs) and will make the necessary decision on the matter.
  5. JaromirJagr 3yrVeteran Donator Veneris Rank Previous Top Donator

    Sep 27, 2014
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    Lol a poll without a "no" option? First of all polls aren't really meant for these types of situations they're meant for ideas and whatnot. Second if you ever do make another poll for anything again put a "no" option if it's a yes or no question not a "maybe".