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F.A.Q - Wilderness Claims

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by CannonFoddr, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    It seems there's a little confusion [& complaints] about new players claiming next to other players
    - especially if the older players have a large builds &/or have plans for expansion then find the newbie has claimed a area that's in the way

    So I decided (since I'm the nominated 'go-to guy' for stuff like this) to make this small reference/FAQ guide to try & explain some of what will (& will not) be done.

    NOTE: Ideally I would like it if the players could sort out the claiming problems between themselves instead of involving staff - mainly because Staff may be busy with other players problems/complaints.
    Of course I understand sometimes this is unavoidable & Staff will need to get involved

    This isn't a full list, they're subject to change, there's some flexibility with them depending on the actual circumstances & as new situations occur, will most probably get added to -

    These are NOT 'HARD AND FAST RULES' !!!
    I will not stick solidly to them as each situation is unique
    - those currently listed below are based on questions/requests/queries/complaints I've been involved with in the past & how I had dealt with that particular situation at the time.


    Since 1.9 Update.. 'WorldEdit'-ing stuff (such as Copying/Moving Areas) Is VERY BUGGY
    Take this into consideration before asking

    1) Can my build on Claim be COPIED to Plotworld (or "From Plot to Claim")?

    Short answer NO.. COPYing means duplication which isn't allowed on Server.

    I would consider to copy a build over IF the player has enough resources stocked up to be able to build an identical one on their plot/claim..
    ...however the time it takes to determine what is required to produce a COPY can take quite a while to do, especially if the original has tons of chests with stuff in since I would have to somehow prevent those from being copied over - so I would prefer NOT to Copy builds.

    However, Claims / Plots could be MOVED between worlds as long as it fits into the 35x35 area without any problems (if moving to plot) and if time permits it to be able to be done.
    The reason is that the original will be destroyed meaning no Duplication would exist.

    Note however that Copying/Moving builds can also 'break' stuff like item frames / redstone circuits / paintings etc - it's a high risk thing to do.

    2) Can you move <xxxxx> from here to there ?
    In the past I have been asked if I could move certain builds from one place to another (e.g. a farm from one claim to another claim), or to shift a build over because the player had built it in slightly the wrong place & needs to make room for another build.

    Personally I hate doing this, as a lot of things could go wrong (Worldedit is NOT the most reliable thing to use) and it can take a lot of time & effort, meaning I would be tied up & unable to help other players in trouble​

    3) Someone built next to my Claim - I want them (re)moved..
    While we have a rule about 'claiming near large builds' - there's no real limit mentioned to how far away they have to be to be considered 'too close'.​
    I've been told that players have been told stuff like 'no nearer than 100 blocks to a large build is allowed' or 'If it's visible in your view distance - it's too near', but since I've not agreed to this then this is a misunderstanding and should not to be taken seriously.

    The 'too near' distance has to be considered based on the existing builds that are in place

    In cases of Iron Farms.. then the '100 blocks' could be applied, since any builds with wooden doors within this distance would affect the spawn rates of the farm.
    These farms can cover approx 8x8 chunks in size

    Any claims within 2 chunks (32 blocks) from a medium build (one that covers around 4x4 chunks) could consider as 'too close' but not necessarly

    Yet in cases of an average/standard sized build that covers ~2x2 chunks then a 2 chunk distance away wouldn't be considered 'too close'

    And lastly in cases of small builds that don't even cover a chunk - then a build in the next chunk - IF built on the opposite side of the chunk - wouldn't be considered too close, although if the builds were right next to each other could be considered too close

    Note that this is based on VISIBLE builds above grounds. underground builds are harder to determine
    Unfortunately we have a limited amount of land meaning that the more players we get, the more likely older players will end up with unintentional neighbors claiming near them.

    Personally, as mentioned earlier, I would like those players to communicate between themselves to come to a suitable arrangement instead of getting Staff involved.

    It's possible the newbie could build a similar style building or assist in the growth of the area - if not, perhaps they could move their claim out of the way of the direction the other player is building.

    New claims could be considered to be moved away from older builds [by force] but only if ..
    • The build is not well established at that time
    • If it does not match/blend in with the existing build/surrounding area
    • If its plainly obvious that the large build will/is spilling into that area (e.g. if there was a path/road/corridor/bridge etc heading in that direction)
    • If it looks like a troll claim (small claim..no attempts at building on it, no /sethome etc)
    If the [new] claim is empty then I may consider abandoning it instead but only after numerous checks on that claims owner first to see if they haven't been on for a while.. this can take quite a while to do.

    4) I don't have enough claim blocks but want to do this [big] build ..

    My view on this is 'Don't build more than you can claim'..
    It only take ~2 hours of gameplay to be able to claim a chunk of land, so claim as-&-when you wish to expand and as soon as possible.

    If you are really desperate to build something large, perhaps you could ask another player you know (maybe a friend IRL) to claim the required area on your behalf and 'trust' you to it.
    When you have enough claim blocks they could abandon it & let you claim it all for yourself

    Alternatively, if you have no friends on the server, then I would like it if you could post on the forums (under "Survival World Builds") what your plans are for your claim.

    Details that would help would be things like
    • Co-ords of your claim
    • Approx size it is currently now
    • What the approx size you plan to expand it to (eventually)
    • What is it you are hoping to build in the expanded area (XPfarm/Village etc)
    • Direction(s) you planning to expand etc.
    • Any other details about the Actual build you may feel relevant
    This way we will have a record ('Blueprint') of the proposed build, which would be useful if someone does happen to build in the 'wrong area'. It could be explained that plans were put in place before they claimed the area.

    I'd like to suggest using something like 'Proposed large claim build Loc xxx yyy' as the post's title as I think it'll help staff find the area in question more quickly if there's a dispute.

    5) Can I have <xxxxx> claim, He's not been on for a while ?
    Claims CANNOT be transferred over if:-
    • Active player does not have enough Claim Blocks
    • If original Owner is still 'active'
    Claims have a 7-8mth time period (according to waz) so any player not '/seen' for less than that would be considered as still 'active'.

    In some cases I may consider transfers even if the 7-8mth limit hasn't been reached but this would depend on what's actually been built there. On a highly detailed builds I would most probably consider waiting the full 7-8mth term while a smaller basic build may be considered after only 5mths of inactivity.

    If there are several smaller expired claims nearby owned by the same person, you will have to have enough claimblocks to take over all of the areas, I will not consider 'splitting up' localized expired areas.

    Usually I would be asking any 'neighbours' if they wish to take over the claim first as they may be friends irl - this is so that they may contact their friend or hold onto the claim until their friend decides to return to the server

    I will not consider any claims transfers if the claims original owner has not been on for less than 5mth.

    There are times when '/seen' shows 'no player been on recently' - despite this, if the claim is still 'active' (i.e. not green on map) I will consider the Player as still active as well.

    As for contents of chests on the claim, I would need to look into them first & consider if you can have them or not.. Since this can take time you would have to be patient

    6) I've found an Expired Claim......

    We now have a new section for expired claims - Read the FAQ here
    - You NOW have to post your request in the NEW 'Claim Auction' thread

    In the post please the following details shown below.
    Most of this information can be found by hitting within the claim with an ordinary stick

    Location [x y z]:
    Who Owed it:
    How Big is the claim:
    How long ago were they last seen:
    Whether you wish to take over the claim or not

    This makes it easy for Staff to keep a record of requests & saves time having to do all the research.

    7) I've found an unclaimed area - can I gather resources from it ?
    There are times when exploring the world, a player may come across a build that's not claimed

    IN ALL CASES - contact a member of staff (Helper, Moderator or Admin) first to check the area out - it's possible that the area belongs to another player who may've either forgotten to claim or incorrectly claimed the area but is still active on the server. (They have means to see who actually placed blocks etc, even on unclaimed land)

    IF no staff is online at the time, I suggest that a post is made in Question for staff section > Titled: 'Unclaimed area found',
    It needs to contain the X/Y/Z coordinates of the area (found by press [F3]] and some details of what you may plan to do with it if given permission - such as claim for yourself/ demolish for resource etc etc​

    Staff will get to see the post & investigate as soon as they get on, then give their reply to what can be done (or not) once checked out


    8) Can I have <xxxxx> Claim, He wants to give it to me ?
    I will not consider this unless BOTH players post in the SAME THREAD on the forums as proof.​
    (Post it in "Questions for Staff" > Titled:"Request for Claim Transfer")

    One posts the request (Ideally the original owner of the claim) & the other 'replies' to that post.
    This way I have a record that both players have agreed to the transfer.

    In the post, it would also be handy if the OP can add the coords of claim, add details on what trusts should remain (if any) etc etc.
    The request should be posted AFTER the original owner has moved all the stuff they wish to keep for themselves, since when I transfer the claim all the remaining stuff on the claim will belong to the new owner
    It is then down to the NEW owner whether to return forgotten items or not - not me,
    of course since you're friends this shouldn't be much of a problem.

    The new owner must also have enough claim blocks as well to be able to claim it

    9) I've been building a large area & now reached another players build/claim that is in the way, can you remove him ?

    The short answer to this is NO....​

    If that player had claimed an area that was away from your original claim & you just happen to start expanding in that direction - then it's your fault for not planning ahead.

    That player was there first.. it doesn't matter how big/small/basic/complex their build is

    The ONLY reasons I would accept to remove that particular claim to allow you to expand are :-
    • IF the claim has expired (7-8 mths inactivity)
    • The player is not 'active' (consider 5mths as the Minimum 'non-active' time limit)
    • They've been PERMBANNED (& the area been checked for ill-gotten gains etc) This can take quite a time due to possible hidden areas etc
    BANNED players will be still considered 'active' for the usual 7-8mth time period, even if they have not placed an appeal
    If those reasons are not applicable, then it is down to you to contact that player yourself to see if they are willing to move or not.

    Please Remember
    These are just guidelines I used on past situations & not necessarily actual rules I stick by.
    All situations are unique but I hope these will give you an idea on how I may deal with similar situations in future
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