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Going down Memory Lane (pt2)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by CannonFoddr, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. CannonFoddr Moderator Plot of the Week Top Voter

    Dec 20, 2013
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    OK - It's official...

    I'm a Tech Horder !!!!

    As I posted a while back, I did some clearing out -mainly some drawers & cupboards - but recently I expanded into clearing out some cupboards at work (FYI - 4x Tool lockers, 'Tea' locker & my Overal locker) & found some tech hardware.

    Here's some of the stuff I found (I've dated the release dates of them as best I can)

    Now I can understand the GameGear being in work (For those that don't recognise it - that's also got an analog TV tuner attachment - smallest color 'TV' you could probably get at that time), & the Gameboy.. to while away the times when I had nothing to do (That was a time when there were more than just the one 'Skilled Maintainance' personel around to do breakdowns - not like now)

    The Game & Watch ?? - somehow I must've had that before the Gameboy I think,
    but why the PDA's ?? - AFAIK we never used those at work & were never issued by the company for anything. I can only assume I brought these to assist me by storing documents etc so that I didn't have to keep going back to office for that one bit of info needed to fix a machine

    - & does anyone even remember modems ?? (BTW, THAT was NOT at work.. just included it to show what I used before Cabled Internet). Way back then it was 56Kb & we now have around 300Mbps


    So like last time - What's the oldest 'tech gadget' you still own & still works ??
    Post below

    (FYI can't check modem - haven't found the power supply unit... YET, but everything else still powers up - The GameGear is the one in the worse state...It powers up & you can see the backlight come on but it doesn't boot up any games... )
  2. JaMcSu Helper Martis Rank

    Jul 6, 2017
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    The oldest thing I own is an iPad 2 lol (Release date 2011)

    No, I take that back. A Windows XP (Release date 2001) laptop (Release date:unknown) is the oldest thing. Back when they were like 3 inches thick and had built in optical drives. Good times. :)

    Now I feel like a baby...