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Is afk fishing tolerated?

Discussion in 'Questions for staff' started by coolmattie, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. coolmattie 3yrVeteran Donator Martis Rank

    Jan 31, 2015
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    Here I am asking again if afk fishing is allowed.
    This night at some point Sivschy visited me in the end at my little vault in the void.
    I am the only player there in 300 blocks. I have a plateau of 20 x 20 blocks with a couple of chest and a villager breeder. Last night I set myself at my afk fishing farm and I used the trick in minecraft to hold the right click button. But when I came back this morning I was down the ladder. Of course I knew someone had pushed me off this was Sivschy in this case. He send me a mail saying I was not allowed to fish and that is why he pushed me down. I thought it was allowed since I read this post https://www.mcdaily.net/threads/about-the-cheating-afk-policy.1450/#post-8313

    Here Cannon says the following:
    "Farms like the Fish farm should be ok since as soon as the item is 'grabbed' by the rod, it is dropped onto an auto pickup machine (I assume you have such a thing installed) & stored away out of sight. Same goes for Iron golem/sea guardian farms - as long as you have an auto-killing machine.
    Mobs spawn, get [auto] killed & the item drops are taken away & stored into chests (of course you won't get any XP since you don't hit them) "

    This is exactly what I did, I build a farm with a hopper which picks up everything, I equipped it with 12 double chests and hoppers, that should be enough to afk for 3 days straight or something.

    So am I allowed to use my farm yes or no?

    I would like to add to this that fish farms cause no mittens to the server if done properly. The are not unfair by any means. Every player can build one in their first day on the server.(Probably in their first 30 minutes). All it gets me is drops and very little xp. I want the enchanted books and fishes and other stuff.
    So please keep these points in mind while deciding.

    Also while I am here.

    By the server rules I should be allowed to use my afk gold farm since I am not clicking or anything just standing still(It uses angry pigmen and entity cramming rule to kill them fast without mittens)
    But let's continue, it is not necessary to stop here. As long as the f11 trick is in the game people will find ways to make afk farms, also if it gets fixed but that is against our own rules so don't bother. The f11 trick has been there for 2 maybe 3 years can't even remember anymore. If Mojang wanted to fix this they would have done so already. They made a F3 + P combination which is the pause game on lost focus feature. You can disable this and eneable. This means Mojang knows about the f11 trick and they decided not to remove it. Therefore this is part of the game. So let's end the discussion once and for all. Is the f11 trick allowed? If yes I think every farm that uses it should be allowed(provided it doesn't cause mittens nor mobs not spawning for other players)
    If no that is okay but make it server wide with no exceptions. This would mean that only standing still players would be allowed as afk.

    ~ Matthijs
  2. CannonFoddr Moderator Plot of the Week Top Voter

    Dec 20, 2013
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    You missed out on the next couple of lines I made in that post plus something Cami mentioned
    Cami is quite right about the AFK-ing while forcing your mouse to do something while you're not there - so Autofish farm technically come under this since you have to somehow hold down the right mouse button while you're not there, this means Sivschy was also correct about 'AFK fishing', however using an 'autofish farm' normally is acceptable

    Personally, I don't mind Autofish farms - I myself have one -
    I can understand that you may've started to use the fish farm normally but then get called away irl to do a chore or something
    - so instead of stopping fishing, you jam on your mouse button so it keeps fishing while you're away to do that chore.
    This is something I would've accepted despite the 'No Macro/No Mouse jamming' rule since you should be back after a short period of time depending on the chore

    However, you planned to do AFK fishing for a long period
    which I'm afraid is not allowed, despite the fish farm autokill/autocollects items

    I hope this clears up any confusion
  3. Sivinie 1yrVeteran Helper Veneris Rank

    Jun 16, 2017
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    My basis for knocking you down was wazoomie's recent comments on the matter. Sorry for any confusion.
  4. coolmattie 3yrVeteran Donator Martis Rank

    Jan 31, 2015
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    Well I only made this post for clearance, so we are not allowed to use the f11 trick nor anything else. But we are allowed to afk while bein awake and home. So for example when I finish a project on my computer for school I can set myself up at the fish farm and come back after a hour this would be allowed if I understand it right. For everything else you would need to simply stand still. Like with my villager breeder. The whole reason I started to use that farm was so that my player did something "useful"while I did some research for school and the villagers were breeding. I never meant to just simply break the rules and be ok with it. I truly believed that F11 was allowed. I won't do overnight sessions nor school sessions then. Which brings the time down to like 1 hour max 2. And a afk concrete converter is not allowed either i guess. This I hope will be allowed. Since I am not manually placing down 12000 blocks just to mine them back right after that. I feel that would be too painful even for me. So if it is not allowed either I would like there to be a cheap conversion option. Maybe at Cannon's farm as a custom trade or at the shop in spawn in the open spot. Just a place where you can come with your concrete powder and make them into regular blocks. And a small fee should be added per stack. Something like 5 suncoins maybe. I think the only thing that is stupid to get is concrete. Everything else is normal, I can't think of any other block that is like this. Coloured terracotta already has a recipe for "washing" it. Also another quick question, can you use the fish farm while /afk. If so you can make it a rule that you have to use the command. This way people can see for how long you have been fishing. If you fish without it you should be kicked and maybe a chest full of loot should be taken and put in the community chests so others can take it at a drop party.