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mcDaily and the 1.12 Update

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by CannonFoddr, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. CannonFoddr Staff Moderator Plot of the Week Top Voter

    Dec 20, 2013
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    As many of you know, we have recently updated to Minecraft 1.12.
    As usual with such updates, things get broken - in particular many of the plugins the server uses
    Some of you may not know that whenever there is an Mojang update, it usually take a while for the plugins to get updated since many of the plugins are made by 3rd party developers.

    They usually have to check their plugins for compatibility, see if there's any conflicts & re-write their plugin to work with the latest minecraft version - & this all takes time. There are sometimes situations when a developer stops working on their plugin - meaning it never gets updated

    So you will notice during your time on the server that many old commands and features may not be working right now, & so we - the staff - would ask you to be patient while we wait for these developers to update their plugins

    We'll try & keep you informed of the current update progress

    At the time of this post the following problems were reported:
    Commands not working:-
    '/msg' - '/tell' command does
    '/group' - can select but not shown in chat (Believed to be fixed now)
    '/auction' - (although technically this wasn't working before 1.12 update)
    Some players reporting not receiving damage from mobs,
    Players have had total 'god mode' & receive no damage from anything
    (this may disappear after a couple of days)
    Players reporting getting damage when at Spawn/Plotworld
    World map on Forums not working
    Sleeping does not reset Morning - can reset IF everyone on server goes to sleep
    Server signs to stop rain not working
    Pressing [Tab] in chat to autocomplete players name not working (eg '/tp can' followed by [tab] doesn't give ''cannonfoddr')

    Unable to Right Click signs to Edit them
    Unable to open bookshelves - Currently disabled. Items previously stored are not 'lost'
    PvP and 'Keep Inventory' bugs
    Chat filter not working - Be careful what you say we will still disipline
    - Possibly fixed now
    Cauldron do not lose water [found out this is intentional] & gives 'uncraftable potion'
    Voting does not show up in chat/ Voting money not credited ingame - Possibly working by the time you read this
    Armor stands are disappearing with everything on them if u break them

  2. YourDeath1 2yrVeteran Donator Iovis Rank

    Jan 28, 2016
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    Hmm. I experienced a bug that exempted me from damage completely. Not just mobs. Even the void didn't work.

    From Cannonfoddr: Yep - I've had that as well, after a couple of days it eventually got fixed/disappeared & I'm back to 'normal' - I only posted 'from mobs' because that's all that was reported at the time of post.. now ammended