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Possible end feature?

Discussion in 'Questions for staff' started by coolmattie, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:35 AM.

  1. coolmattie 3yrVeteran Donator Martis Rank

    Jan 31, 2015
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    So I was watching some videos on youtube the other day when I stumbled on this instresting video>
    It is a video about a system that respawns shulkers for players to kill in the end dimension. It can be played around with so that it only spawns so many mobs. If you are clever enough it can for example spawn 1 every hour. I have not tested it many times. I was wondering if this would be a possible addition to the end dimension to make it more useful again. I don't know about many other players, but I myself only use the end for specific farms and for storage since I have all the space I need and no blocks to remove. From flying around the end I see that this is the same for many other players. Because I rarely see any buildings there. So my idea would be to implement this feature in the following way. We have a end city that is owned by the server. You can get there by throwing a pearl through a specific portal at the main end island(this would have some kind of simple mark and a little walkway so that players dont always fall in the void). Once at the farm you can kill a shulker every 30 minutes for example. Or maybe it is possible to make it so that you can only acces the farm 1 day every month. I think this idea can be tweaked a lot so that it could work. I know about the shulker boxes being available on the website, I purchased some myself. I know this is a source of income for the server. But I also know that you cannot get a shulker form purchasing a mystery crate which is odd in my opinion, it should be in the big one. But this makes it very limited for new and youg players. New players can only obtain them from the ender dragon event. Which happens at 1 specific time every week. I can't ever visit one because of time zones. Young players don't have the financial means to purchase a pack of shulker boxes. I mean sure they can ask their parents and can still get it. But not all families can afford that. Also they lose them and end up with none left. All of this is the reason I think that shulker boxes should be a little less uncommon. I don't mean that we all should have stacks of them of course not. But we could all think about a small feature or event once a week or more often. With or without a fee for the players(ingame currency that is). I am sure this would be a nice addition. I like to know what everyone thinks about this and if something like this is a good idea. I also would like to know if my threads are a addition or not. Since I sometimes think people don't really care(I only want to help:-(;()

    ~ Coolmattie

    Edit # 1
    After some more digging I found a reddit post. This says that a few shulkers should respawn in the end cities after every dragon fight. So this would mean that players try to find end cities again which is good because players experience every part of the game. Also AFK farming would not be possible of course. But make it so that like in total 5 or 10 respawn and players have to fly around the end to find them. Of course setting a home there should not be possible so that everyone has a chance
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  2. Brimragen Discoverer Donator Saturni Rank Previous Top Donator Last Month's Top Donator Top Voter

    Nov 1, 2017
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    if shulker spawners get added to mystery boxes I will have a go at making a grinder where people can get to and a way for them to get the shells, maybe a hopper, dispenser, pressure plate system
  3. JaMcSu Squanderer Donator Martis Rank

    Jul 6, 2017
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    Shulkers are not very rare at all anymore. We actually have 2 weekly events where shulkers are spawned in (Fridays & Sundays) and I mean quite a few shulkers so everyone has a chance to snag at least a few shells. You can, like you said, buy them in the Donation Shop however that does require irl money, of which some people might not have or be willing to spend. BUT now you can also spend your earned sunpoints in the Sunpoints Shop to buy shulker boxes as well. The sunpoints are like a secondary currency so your not spending your main currency, suncoins, which are useful for player trades, buying things in the playershops, etc. As far as shulker spawners like Brim described, they would have to be extremely rare so every average Joe doesn't have one (which would destabilize the economy, and we all don't want that to happen :P) but on the flip side, very few people would have access to them which would make it so one player could have a double chest full of shells without even thinking about it while someone else may have 8 individual shells that they had to work really hard for. So I dont know if that would really work.
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  4. CannonFoddr Staff Moderator Plot of the Week Top Voter

    Dec 20, 2013
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    And don't forget that top voters also get shulker box with their prizes