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[Read First] Survival World Build Contest July

Discussion in 'Survival World Builds' started by camiwarrior, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Jun 28, 2014
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    In July we will have our Build Contest. Everyone can enter the build contest as long as they have a nice build somewhere in any of the Survival Worlds.

    In order to participate you'll have to make a thread under this forum section (Survival World Builds) with a selection of screenshots showing your build, the coordinates or warp to your place, and an optional description. Once you have set up the thread you can then post a link to your thread in a post in this thread. Please use the format below when you submit your post.

    The top 3 winners will be picked at the end of the month by highest votes. In case a person ends up in the top 3 with multiple builds only their build with the most votes can win. If there is less then 5 entries then only the Builder with the top amount of votes will win. If there is less then 3 entries for the month then no Build will be awarded.

    Format for participants for a post in this thread:
    • <name of build>
    • <coordinates of build>
    • <builder and contributors (if any)>
    • <screenshot of build (this can only be one image)>

    Rules for participants:

    • In order to participate you need a thread of your build(s), posted under this forum section.
    • If you have multiple builds and multiple threads, you have to make a separate post in this thread for each build/thread. Double posting in this case is allowed.
    • You can ask people on the server or website to vote for you. However, regular rules apply; do not spam and do not annoy people with your requests.
    • You cannot enter the contest with a build that has ended in the top 3 in any of the last six build contests.

    Rules for voters:

    • You can vote on as many posts as you like.
    • You can vote on your own post(s).
    • You cannot vote more than once on posts (can't use alt accounts).
    • You cannot use this thread to post anything, only to vote. Posts by voters will be removed.