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Warp Request For Rexville

Discussion in 'Town and Shop Warps' started by Yellow_Head31415, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Yellow_Head31415 1yrVeteran Lunae Rank

    Jan 11, 2015
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    Hello its me again going for the warp and this time I actually have some stuff there so i hope you like :)

    I would like the location of the warp to be at: X: 698.391 Y: 63.00000 Z: 311.532

    Currently Rexville is 95x112 which is in total 10640 blocks, but Rexville is an ever growing community so that more and more claims and monuments and what not can be made there.

    The reason for Rexville is for players to have the opportunity to build as much as they want without having to go and find them selfs empty land that is flat enough to build a house on. Right now you may be thinking sounds just like cross city NEXT, but Rexville provides claims almost equivalent in size to claims in cross city but for lower prices, we also provide a poor but still capable cave spider xp farm as well as an enchantery and a farm that provides food that right now is still in its smallest stage. and unlike places were players buy homes Rexville gives players the fun of BUILDING there homes so there creativity isn't limited. Right now we have 5 players with land that is theirs in Rexville and a warp sign would also make it easier for them and future residence to get to there builds.

    The name on the warp sign (if given one) would be Rexville.

    Again like I said last time if Rexville's warp is denied I would much appreciate a little tip that may help me get a warp, and again i say that i understand that you do not have to provide me one. Thank you!
  2. CannonFoddr Moderator Plot of the Week Top Voter

    Dec 20, 2013
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    The area is slowly building up, although still seems a little sparse of features imho - but at least (most) of the current builds are of similar designs

    Not much more I can add to whats been said before.. but the land/claim does look a little 'square-ish';
    it may be the OCD in me but perhaps some terraforming to make the area blend in a little bit won't go amiss (you'll see I've done a little bit to show what I mean) - but I'm guessing as you expand you may have had that idea already

    .. and yes that does mean you now have a warp to the town ;)

    Just remember that THIS month is free but as from next month (September) you have to make sure you have the 5000 fee to keep the warp