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Acceptable Client-side MODs

Oct 31, 2017
Acceptable Client-side MODs
  • Introduction
    While we do not like players using modded clients, especially if they give the player an unfair advantage over other players, we do allow some 'cosmetic' MOD's to be allowed.

    If there is a MOD that you wish to use but unsure if it is allowed - Post in this thread the name of the MOD, a short description of what it does and a weblink to the actual developers page.​

    DO NOT INSTALL or use the MOD until Staff have had a chance to look at the MOD and make a decision of whether it will be allowed.

    Please note that MOD's listed below may not necessarily be available for the current version of Minecraft (currently at 1.12.2) .

    IF another MOD is discovered that does a similar job to one listed below which has not been updated, Please post in the Official Mod Request Thread the necessary details of that MOD so that we can update this page - thanks

    Acceptable MODs

    - A mod that create enviromental background noises like birds singing, or jungle nocies - when in specific Biomes

    ArmorsHudRevived (Liteloader)
    - to display your Armour health

    Better Foliage
    - This make the Trees, Grass & leafblocks more 'natural' looking & creates the appearance of rounded logs. Note that SOME custom blocks will not show up (eg 6-sided tree logs) when this is used

    BetterFPS (Not Updated to MC 1.12)
    - Apparently helps with FPS in-game

    - Just helps remove all the clutter text from Main menu. Does nothing In-Game

    (chat) ping
    - A simple mod that will play a sound when certain words show up in chat. Alter the CONFIG file to include your name and never miss a message to you again

    Easier Villager Trading
    - When used on a Villager, this will list all trades that have currently been unlocked through normal trading (it WILL NOT show what trade would be available once you trade). You can click on the list to trade instead of scrolling through, & has an indicator to show which trades have been 'locked out' from overuse

    - This is required to use some of MOD's listed here

    Gender Mod (Not updated to MC 1.12)
    - This changes player models into Male or Female models

    Journeymap (Fair Use edition ONLY) version comparison link
    - Small Minimap Mod - Using FairUse version as it doesn't give any advantage over players
    {Note: since being updated from mc1.10 there does not seem to be a 'Fair Use' version available}

    - This is required to use some of the MOD's liksted here

    - A on-screen pop-up menu that you can assist commands to, helps if there's a lot of Homes/Plots & you can't be bothered typing in the commands all the time

    - Displays some of the [F3] debug information on screen, such as Biome, XYZ, Light levels

    - Creates an Overlay to show Chunk Borders & light levels, handy to light up claims to avoid mob spawning

    - Displays a health bar above MOB's

    - Notes is a clientside mod that provides a fully functional in-game notepad. handy if you like to make a note of things that need doing

    OneClickCrafting (not updated to MC 1.12)
    - Shows what Items can be crafted with the resource you're holding, & easily craft them for you

    - Used to improve graphical FPS etc

    PopEnchantTagsRevived (Liteloader)
    - Shows onscreen the enchantments your currently equipped tool/weapon has

    - useful for when building schematics from other sites, or for ensuring any repeat builds are built the same. NOTE: while we accept the mod we DO NOT accept the use of the 'Printer' Function

    - changes the way sounds play back when in Caves or Underwater. Surprisingly the 1.9.4/1.10 version works on 1.10.2

    - Give your player a tail, nice if you have an animal type skin

    Third person Elytra (Not updated to mc 1.12)
    This will auto change your [F5] view to 3rd person when you use your Elytra, then reset it back to normal when you land

    - Displays the health of the Mob you're looking at, & a number pops up showing how much damage you gave the mob. (I prefer no 3d model & hearts only)

    Xaero Minimap (fair use version only)
    - Small Minimap Mod - Using FairUse version as it doesn't give any advantage over players

    YARR Cute Mob Models - Remake (Not Updated to 1.12.2)
    - Changes hostile MOB's into Female Anime type Characters

    Unacceptable MOD's

    Types of Mod's that are unacceptable to be used are listed below, if found caught using such MOD's can lead to an instant ban. (This includes ANY type of mod that does the type of thing mentioned)

    • XRay or Ore Finding Mod's
    • Speed Mod's (Speed Mining / Speed Running etc)
    • Minimaps that show Mob/Player Positions and Cave systems

    Generally any MOD that give the player any type of advantage over any other player are strictly not allowed

    Mods Players have asked about (& reason for non-acceptance)

    Village Marker mod (liteloader)
    - This mod highlights a village's boundary, making it easier to determine how far away you can build a villager breeder, or where the current 'centre' of the village (where Iron golems would spawn) etc
    The reason this one is not accepted is due to the fact this Mod needs to be installed on BOTH the client & server to work.​
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