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Casino & Gambling

The Casino is a place at the spawn area where you can buy casino coins, for suncoins, used for the slot machines. The casino can be found on the top floor of the Grand Hall. You can access this location by using the stairs on the right side, the jump pads on the inside, by enderpearls, or by flying your elytra or companion pet.

Casino Coins

Casino Coins are used for the slot machines. The price of one coin is 10 suncoins. However you can only buy these coins in groups of tens. You can use the command /casinocoins, or the buy sign located at the casino, to buy a set of ten casino coins.

Slot Machines

Currently all the slot machines are located at the casino. Pot money for these machines start at 250 sunpoints and gets increased by 10 suncoins every time it is used. You can insert a casino coin in the juke box in front of a slot machine. This will activate the machine and lock it for you so no-one else can use it for a limited amount of time. You win when you get either three in a row of the same type, or any other special combination listed below.

Slot Machine Multipliers
  • 3x Barrel: Vote Crate
  • 3x TNT: 20% payout.
  • 3x Iron block: 150% payout.
  • 3x Gold block: 250% payout.
  • 3x Diamond block: 500% payout.
  • Iron, Gold, Diamond block: 300% payout.

Emerald_Wing gambling at a slot machine in the casino.

Happy Hour

Occasionally there are happy hours in which the money pots are all raised to either 1500, 2000, or 2500 suncoins! These events can be triggered by opening supply crates, vote crates, or simply at random times. Upon triggering there's an announcement in chat.

  • The player GreyAsteroid spent over 24 hours in the casino.