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Dec 6, 2016

  • Introduction(top)

    This contains a glossary of common commands available to a normal player for quick reference.
    At the moment this is a 'work-in-progress' and is subject to change - so keep popping back to see what's changed

    Things to note:
    1. Commands with * * are REQUIRED to be added
    2. Commands with [ ] are Optional depending on your player current 'rank'

    Auction Commands(top)

    More information on how to get money is available on the Making Money Wiki Page
    1. /auction start *Quantity* *StartPrice* This starts an Auction, using the item you are holding in your hand.
      *Quantity* is how many you are willing to sell (so you can sell several stacks of that item)
      *StartPrice* is the MINIMUM price that you wish to sell at
    2. /auc ignore Ignore all auction messages that pop up
    3. /auc info Shows you information on the current auction
    4. /auc queue Shows all upcoming auctions
    5. /bid [amount] places a bid on the current Auction
      Adding [amount] places a specific bid on the auction

    Claim Commands(top)

    More information available on Land Claim Wiki Page
    1. /abandonclaim This will remove the claim that you are standing on IF it is yours
    2. /abandonallclaims This will remove ALL your existing claim
      Use this with caution as there is no way to recover claims
    3. /accesstrust *playername* Allows the named player use of your levers/buttons etc
    4. /buyclaimblocks *amount* Allow you to purchase more claimblocks using the servers currency
    5. /containertrust *playername* This give the named player access to your chests/furnaces/ hoppers etc
    6. /kit freeshovel A special kit given out to allow you to make additional Claims/Expand existing claims
    7. /trust *playername* Allows the named player full access on your claim
    8. /trustlist This list all the players that have been given 'Trust' on the claim you are standing on
    9. /untrust *playername* This removes any player you have previously 'trusted' onto your claim

    General Commands(top)

    1. /balance A command that will show you how much server currentcy that you have
    2. /coin purchase Use this command to purchase [Physical] suncoins
    3. /group [name] This allows you to select which group title to be placed in front of your ingame name
      When not using [name] you get a GUI to select which group to choose
    4. /group give *name* This will allow 'Town Warp Owners' to give the town group to a player, as a Form of 'Resident of...'
    5. /group take *name* This will remove the 'Town Warp Name' from the named player
    6. /ignore *player* Ignores any messages from the named player
    7. /kits This shows you the kits that are available to you
    8. /mail clear This will clear ALL mail that you may've received
    9. /mail read Allows you to read any mail that you may've received while off-line
    10. /mail send *player* *message* Sends an in-game mail to an offline player to read when they login
    11. /mcdaily Using this command will show you what todays free kit is
    12. /msg *player* Send a private message to named player
      Can also use /m *player*,/Whisper *player* or /w *player*
    13. /pay *player* *amount* Sends the Amount of suncoins stated to the player named
    14. /pvp This command will toggle the PvP (Player Vs Player) option. When ON any other player with theirs turn ON can kill you
    15. /recipe *item/block* This will show the recipe required to craft the named item/block
    16. /reply Lets you qickly reply to last private message. Can also use /r
    17. /sethome [name] Using this command will set your current position as a 'home'
      Using [name] will allow you to give this position a name for easy reference if you are allowed to have more than one 'home'
    18. /sunpoints Shows your current Sunpoints value
    19. /suntoken Shows your current Suntokens value
    20. /tpa *player* Sends a TP (teleport) request to named player
    21. /tpaaccept Accepts a TP request sent to you
    22. /tpahere *player* Send a Request for named player to TP to your current location
    23. /tpdeny Deny a TP request
    24. /unignore *player* Un-ignores named player

    Pet Commands(top)

    More information available on Pets Wiki Page
    1. /pet info to find out more about your pet, such as its skill level, hunger, attack strength etc
    2. /pet name *name* This allows you to name your pet
      Names can also contain colour and formatting codes
    3. /petsendaway Use this to send your pet away if it's getting in your way
    4. /petcall Call your (hidden) pet to you
    5. /petswitch Use this to 'store' your pet. Depending on rank means you could have more than 1 pet
    6. /petrelease This will set your pet free. This means you will NEVER get it back
    7. /petbehaviour Changes how your pet will react to nearby mobs
    8. /petstop This will stop your pet from attacking anyone nearby
    9. /petinventory Once levelled up, use this to open your Pets inventory
    10. /petpickup Use this to toggle your pet's pickup ability

    Plot Commands(top)

    NOTE: Can use '/p ******' instead of '/plot *****'
    1. /fly Once brought from the webshop, allows you to fly in plotworld (24hr time limit)
    2. /newplot Selects and adds you to a brand new plot
    3. /plot admin *player* This give named player FULL control over your plot (add other players/change biome etc).Use with caution
    4. /plot add *player* Adds named player to your plot
    5. /plot auto This will assign you the next free available plot (If you are entitled to one)
    6. /plot biomes Give a list of availible biomes you can change your plot to
    7. /plot biome *biome* Changes the biome of your plot
    8. /plot claim Claims the plot you are in yours (if it's not already claimed)
    9. /plot home [player] [number] Command to teleport you back to your plot.
      Using [number] to teleport to your additional plots
      Using [player] to teleport to another players plot
      Can also use '/p home' (See 'Warp Commands' Below)
    10. /plot comments Allows you to view who commented on the plot you are standing in, and what the comments say<.li>
    11. /plot comment *comment* Add a comment to the plot your are standing on
    12. /plot deny *player* Prevents named player from entering your plot
    13. /plot id Gives you the precise plot location of the plot you are standing in on the plot grid
    14. /plot info Shows information about the plot you are standing on such as expiry date etc
    15. /plot kick *player* Kicks a player from you plot
    16. /plot like Adds a 'like' to the plot you are standing on
    17. /plot likes Shows you who 'liked' your plot
    18. /plot list *player* List all the plots owned by named player
    19. /plot pvp Toggles the Pvp option on the plot you are standing on (if it is yours)
    20. /plot remove *player* Removes any player from your plot
    21. /plot sethome Sets your current location on your plot to its home (you will teleport to that spot if you do /p h)
    22. /plot setname *name* Gives your plot a name
    23. /plot setowner *player* Sends a request to the specified username to become the owner of your plot, if accepted they become the owner
    24. /plot schematic Gives you a download link to a schematic of the plot you are standing in (if it's yours)
    25. /plot undeny *player* Allows named player to enter your plot
    26. /plot version Gives you the version of plots/plotworld currently in use

    Warp Commands(top)

    1. /anvil Transports you to the Community Anvil and Enchanting table at Spawn
    2. /arena Transports you to the PvP Arena near Spawn
    3. /casino This will take you to the entrance of the Server's 'Casino'/Slot machines
    4. /donator Teleports you to the Donators Cave at Spawn
    5. /home [name] This will teleport you to your home position where you used '/sethome'
      You can use [name] if you are allowed to have more than one 'home'
    6. /plotworld This will warp you to the spawn point in 'plotworld'
    7. /p home [number] This Command will teleport you back to your home in plotworld
      If you are allowed more than one plot, then adding [number] to warp to that plot instead
    8. /spawn This command Warps you back to Server Spawn point in the 'Overworld'
    9. /staff Teleports you to the staff Lounge at Spawn
    10. /warp buildcontest[x] Teleports you to that month Build contest Winner
      For [x] Use 1, 2 or 3 for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner eg buildcontest2
    11. /warp end This command will transport you to the Portal for access to the End
      This is only available once the hidden sign at spawn has been found
    12. /warp event Teleports you to the most recent server event location (Enderdragon fight/Wither etc)
    13. /warp ironfarm Transports you to the Community Iron Farm
    14. /warp nether This will transport you to the Portal that allows you access to the nether
      This is only available once the hidden sign at spawn has been found
    15. /warp parkour Teleports you to a small Parkour course (no rewards - just for fun)
    16. /warp skeletonfarm Transport you to Community Skeleton Farm
    17. /warp spiderfarm Transports you to the Community Spider Farm
    18. /warp xpfarm Teleports you to Community XP farm [Currently being re-Built by Cannonfoddr]
    19. /wilderness This is a quick way to get into the Wilderness where Mobs can spawn

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