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Making Money

Jul 2, 2017
Making Money

  • Introduction(top)

    On the server there is an in-game currency called Suncoins, often shown by the symbol ❂. These are usually used to make purchases or for trading between players.

    All new players to the server get a total of 3000 Suncoins so they can purchase some items to get themselves started. To see how many Suncoins you currently own - use the command '/money'

    There is also another type of 'Suncoin' - which is a physical item (shown in inventory as a Sunflower) that is usually used within the Server Shops (/shops') or at the Casino ('/casino').

    Each one of these 'Physical' Suncoins can be purchased by using either '/casinocoins amount' or '/coins purchase amount' where the 'amount' is the number of Physical Suncoins you want

    You may also notice something called 'SunTokens'. Currently these are not in use but will be another mcDaily reward that coming soon

    Getting more money(top)

    There are several ways of doing so. In most cases the player supplies something and gets paid by other players. Here's just a few ideas to help you on your way.


    You could offer your services as an employee, saying you will go gathering resources for another player. They'll often pay you for your help. Any players willing to employ you would use the /pay [username] [amount] command.

    Advantages: Doesn't cost you anything, other than time and durability on your tools.
    Disadvantage: Employment may be short-lived and it ends when the player has all they need.


    Why work for someone else and get paid when you could do it all yourself. Cut out the middle man Go exploring and gather resources, offer to sell them to other players in chat. Anyone wanting the stuff could teleport to you and use the /pay [username] [amount]. You can then drop the stuff in front of them, for them to pick up.

    Advantages: You can set the deal up, decide on the price and get paid full amount.
    Disadvantage: You might get some dodgy players that take the stuff and run. Always get paid BEFORE giving the stuff up.


    Similar to trading where you offer stuff for sale, except several players can bid against each other. To start an auction you hold the item you wish to auction in your hand and type '/auc start [amount] [start price] (you can use 'all' instead of [amount] if you wish to sell all the items of that type). Once you enter the command the bidding will now start for a limited amount of time (or placed in a queue if there are many auctions). After-which, if there's been any bids, you get the the cash and the player who won gets the items automatically.

    Additional commands:
    1. The /auc bid [amount] command allows you to place a bid on an active auction. The amount is the maximum amount you'll bid.
    2. The /auc end command will end the auction and sell the item to the current highest bidder.

    Advantages: There's a good chance you'll get more Suncoins than what it's worth.
    Disadvantage: There's a chance no-one will bid.


    A rather risky venture. Go to the Casino using the /casino and buy some Casino Coins using the buy signs or /casinocoins. A Casino Coin can be used once in a Slot Machines by inserting it in the Juke Box placed in front. The price is 5 suncoins. Both the signs and command buys you ten Casino Coins.

    Advantages: You could get quite a bit of your money back as the machines aren't rigged.
    Disadvantage: Addictive!


    Another form of gambling is the Lottery. It works like any other type of Lottery. You buy an amount of tickets and if you get lucky you win the Lottery pot. The Lottery Fund is based on how many tickets are sold. To purchase a ticket you can use the /lottery buy [amount] command. The price of a lottery ticket is 50 suncoins. The Lottery is drawn once per hour.

    Additional commands:
    1. The /lottery command gives you basic information about the time remaining and the amount of tickets sold.
    2. The /lottery winners command lists the ten latest winners and their money reward.

    Advantages: If you're the only one buying tickets you'll get all of your money back.
    Disadvantage: There's a chance you buy a lot of tickets and someone win with just one ticket.


    One of the easiest ways to make money, and to help out the server at the same time! Go to the voting section and vote for us on the two Minecraft Server Lists. You'll get 250 suncoins per vote, and have a chance to win some items in-game as well. If you vote a lot you might get rewarded for doing so in our monthly Top Voters event!

    Advantages: Gets you money, items, rewards, and our love.
    Disadvantage: Can only be done once per day (per voting website).

    Daily Login Reward(top)

    The easiest way to get some money. Log in to our server every day and play for a couple of minutes. Bonuses increase when you log in consecutive days.

    Advantages: Free money just for logging in.
    Disadvantage: None?

    About mcDaily Rewards [link](top)

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