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Land Claiming Guide

Worried about other players griefing and stealing from your land when you're not arround? Fear not! We got all that covered on our server.

Claimed plots in our Plotworld are protected by default. Structures build in the survival worlds are however not. But luckily it is really easy to protect and claim it nonetheless.

What is Protected Inside of Claims?

Once protections are set up correctly no-one but you is allowed to build and interact with blocks, chests, passive mobs, and way more. In both protection types (plotworld and the survival worlds) it is possible to trust other players to your claims.

How to Claim

There are two ways to do this, so choose your prefered method.

For Starters

Simply place down a chest somewhere in a survival world. This will automatically claim an area of 21x21 around your chest. You can easily spot the borders as they'll light up with glow stone and gold blocks. Don't be a fool, don't try to mine those blocks, they're not real. The blocks are placed on the border but are still inside your claim.

Manual Claim Mode

Use the /kit freeshovel command. This will give you a golden shovel which you can use to set or resize claims. Follow these steps to manually claim land.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the ground with the golden shovel equiped.
  2. Right-click the opposite corner of the land you want to claim. Make sure to not swap our your Shovel in the meantime as this will cancel claiming.
Resizing Existing Claims

To modify an existing claim you can follow the steps above but instead of right-clicking on a random block you've to right-click an existing corner of one of your claims. Right-click somewhere else to make that the new location of the corner. Make sure to check /claimblocks to see if you've got enough claim blocks left to claim the area.

Use a golden shovel to select a corner of the area you'd like to claim.

Claim Blocks

Claim Blocks are the size of the area you can claim. You get free claim blocks when you're playing on the server. There's a limit currently of 120.000 blocks; that's about an area of 350x350. Additionally you can buy and sell claim blocks using the /buyclaimblocks [amount] and /sellclaimblocks [amount] commands respectively.

Inspecting Claims

Hold a Stick in your hand and right-click any area in a survival world. This will show you existing claims. Handy when you want to expand a claim and need to find a corner.

Trusting Players

There are multiple levels of permissions you can give to other players.

  • /accesstrust <player> allows others to use levers, buttons, and enderpearls on your claim.
  • /containertrust <player> allows others access to all your containers; chests, furnaces, hoppers, etc.
  • /trust <player> allows others full access to build and break things on your claims, plus all of the above.

The command /untrust <player> removes the player from all types of access given on the land.

Stealing and Griefing by Trusted Players

When claims are set up correctly staff will not rollback any damages or stolen items done by players you've trusted on your claim. You might find a staff member in a good mood, but don't count on rollbacks.

Staff will usually also not reclaim or rollback anything that goes missing if a situation arises where someone may come along and steals from chests or griefs a part of your build that has not been claimed properly.

So in all cases make sure you've claimed areas properly to protect your resources!

Additional Commands
  • /trustlist displays all trusted players and their level of permission.
  • /claimexplosions toggles the ability to use TNT below the surface.
  • /abandonclaim removes the protection from your claim.
Usage of TNT

You can make use of TNT on the server but only under certain conditions. By default it only works below the surface in the survival worlds. However, you can enable or disable TNT anywhere within your own claims, below and above the surface, by using the command /claimexplosions.

Settings & Rules
  • All players start with 800 claim blocks.
  • As a new player you can claim an 21x21 area right away, which is equivalent to a 441 blocks area.
  • The minimum width of any claim is 5 blocks.
  • The minimum area of any claim is a 100 blocks.
  • You gain 120 extra claim blocks per hour you're online in any of the survival worlds, when not afk.
  • The absolute limit for claimable areas is at 180.000 claim blocks.
  • You can purchase more blocks with suncoins at a rate of 5 suncoins per block.
  • You can sell your available blocks with suncoins at a rate of 3 suncoins per block.
  • The first claims, automatically created by placing a chest, expire after 60 days of player absense on the server.
  • All other claims automatically expire after 180 days of player absense on the server.
  • Automatically expired claims always refund all claim blocks involved to the player.
  • Players with over 8.000 claim blocks will never have any of their claims expire.