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mcDaily Rewards

Jan 29, 2017
mcDaily Rewards
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    Daily Kits(top)

    What are Daily kits ?
    These are once-a-day free kits that are available each day you come onto the Server
    When you arrive a pop-up should show you what the current daily kit is, but in case you missed it you can use the command '/mcdaily' in chat - which will then show you the kit name
    Then by using '/kit [name]' you will receive a special collection of items

    For example - if the kit is 'modernmonday' - typing in '/kit modernmonday' & you will receive a collection of quartz blocks (among other things) to build with.

    Claim Blocks(top)

    Claim blocks are used to protect a personal area in the wilderness for you to build/store or do whatever you like, without fear of other players breaking/Stealing or accidentally damaging whatever is in the area.

    You start off with a limited amount of claim blocks - usually enough to claim a small 9 x 9 area - but you earn more blocks as you play on the server.

    If you are one of the impatient types - you can quickly gain more claim blocks by purchasing for real money a Claim Block pack from our web shop
    or alternatively you can purchase Claimblocks in-game using the command '/buyclaimblocks {number}' - where {number} is the number of claim blocks you want.
    Each additional Claimblock cost 5 "virtual" Suncoins each (see how much virtual Suncoins you have by using the command '/money')


    Vote Party(top)

    Top Donator(top)

    Free Donation Rank(top)

    Fed up with just one sethome & plot ?
    Here on mcDaily, you have the opportunity of buying 'Ranks' from our webshop, which give you special extra perks such as special kits, extra homes etc.
    These cost real money (which is used to support the Server) however there's a way to get the lowest rank for free

    All you need is to post a couple of reviews of the server at a couple of other sites & let the staff know
    Full details are available here

    Introduce Yourself(top)

    Get a Free Diamond Pickaxe
    Sometimes you need a little help in gathering resources - so We've come up with a way to help you
    All you need to do is introduce yourself - tell us about your hobbies, type of music you like, what type of Minecraft player you are - perhaps the country you live in
    - just general stuff you feel happy to let your friends know about
    For your time & effect letting us know more about you - you will receive a Special Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe

    We recommend you DO NOT include any personal information

    Full details about this reward can be found Here

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