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Aug 8, 2016

  • What can your pet(s) do(top)

    Once you manage to gain a pet (see later on how to get one), you can level up your pet and at key levels it will gain new skills
    Currently, your pet will eventually be able to learn the following skills:-

    1. Behaviour - With this you can change how your pet reacts to nearby players/mobs etc
    2. Stomp - This will allow your pet to 'Stomp' the ground & cause damage around your pet
    3. Sprint - With this skill your pet start sprinting towards a new target
    4. Inventory - This gives your pet its own 9-slot inventory
    5. Heal - This will allow your pet to heal itself over time
    6. Pickup - Your pet will be able to pickup items(and XP) that are left on the ground

    How to get a pet(top)

    To get a pet, you need to see if it's possible to capture it with a lead or not See This chart & look at the 'leashflag'.
    If it says 'impossible' then you can't capture it.

    To Capture a mob, use a lead (use /kit freelead to obtain one) & LEFT-click on it until the required condition has been reached (eg '10% HP or less') once reached - the mob becomes your pet
    You can use the command /petinfo' to find out more about your pet, such as its skill level, hunger, attack strength etc

    Change your pet's name(top)

    Change the name with /petname [name] . Names can also contain colour and formatting codes.

    How to level up your pet(top)

    Your Pet skill level increases with the XP that you obtain. So the more mobs you kill, the more mining ore that you do, smelting
    - basically anything that you earn XP level in Vanilla Minecraft, your pet also shares

    Pet gone? Pet stuck? Pet in your way?(top)

    You can use the command /petsendaway' to get it out of your way. Alternatively you can use the command /petswitch store to store your pet - note that depending on your rank, you may be able to store more than 1 pet

    Feeling lonely ? Want your pet back ?(top)

    Use the command /petcall to call your pet to your side, if you stored your pet then use /petswitch which will bring up a GUI where you can click on the egg to call it back

    Fed up with your pet ? Want a new one ?(top)

    To set your pet free (warning this mean you will NEVER get it back), call your pet to you and use the command /petrelease
    You will then ask to confirm your choice by asking you to open your chat & click on the name of the pet currently by your side


    1. To Ride your Pet Reuse the lead & right-click on your pet
    2. To Change how your pet reacts to nearby mobs/player Use the Command /petbehaviour or /pb
      Use the command /petstop to stop your pet from attacking
    3. To open your pets inventory Use the command /petinventory
    4. To Toggle the Pet Pickup ability Use the command /petpickup

    Passive Mobs(top)





    Mushroom Cow









    Hostile Mobs(top)


    Cave Spider



    Ghast *

    Giant *

    Magma Cube

    Pig Zombie






    Wither *


    * Only available from Senior members of staff

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