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Apr 11, 2017

  • Introduction(top)

    What are Plots ?

    On mcDaily we have a separate 'world' (or dimension, similar to the End or Nether) where a player can claim small plots of land. Each plot is 35 x 35 blocks in size

    Once a plot is claimed, the owner can build within its border from bedrock level all the way up to the sky build limit

    What's different from this world & the other Worlds is that NO MOBS will spawn here, this includes all Hostile, Passive & Friendly Mobs, meaning you can safely build & store resources here without the fear of attack or damage.

    (Please note that SOME minecraft items also cannot be placed here - such as Armor stands, & Spawn eggs WILL NOT WORK either)

    Each plot is also protected from any other player access, unless you give players the required permissions through use of commands

    This makes the plot a safe place to store all your valuables from risk of griefing & thefts and we usually recommend storing such stuff on your plot rather than on any of your claim in the wilderness

    One thing to note:- 99% of the time the Plotworld will NEVER get a world reset

    There are times that a minecraft update introduces new world generation/ores etc that may require the Server to reset a particular vanilla dimension (Wilderness, End, Nether) however the Plotworld will usually not get touched and so is considered a very safe place to store items during these transitions

    How to claim(top)

    There are two main ways of getting a plot.

    The first way is to use the command /plot auto

    This command will automatically give the player the next free available plot. The player does not have a choice in where this plot is located in the world so they could end up in between other plots

    The Second way is to visit the Plotworld (use /plotworld command), wander around looking for an empty plot that the player would like to settle, and claiming it by using the command /plot claim

    One thing to note that even if a plot looks empty or unused - it may already be claimed.

    To find out if this is the case - stand on the plot in question and use the command /plot info If you get a message stating the plot is not claimed - then it's free to claim for yourself

    Getting home(top)

    Once a player has claimed a plot, then they can use the command /plot home (you can also use '/p h') to return there.

    This mean that a player can use /plot home and /home home to teleport between their claim in the wilderness & their protected plot in Plotworld

    Note that certain "ranks" of players allow them to have more than one plot/home. In this case using the command /plot home *number* will teleport the player to the respective plot

    if you wish to visit some other players plot use the command /plot home *playersname* *number*

    Other commands(top)

    A full list of available commands can be found at http://www.mcdaily.net/wiki/commands/#plot-commands

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