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PVP Combat Manual

For those not sure, pvp stands for 'player vs player' - This means that any player can kill any other player. But don't worry, on McDaily the pvp mode is turned off by default. This means that all players can go about their business without worrying about another player sneaking up and killing them, then stealing the drops.

You can visit the server's arena, by using the /arena command. On entering the arena players will automatically get their pvp turned on, allowing anyone inside to kill each other. In this area givebacks is not mandatory!

However on occasion some players wish to fight among themselves in private - away from the arena - whether just for fun, to see who has the better weapons/skills or to solve a minor dispute, so there's a way to turn it on to allow these fights to occur.

How can I enable PVP?

Simply by opening up your chat window and using the /pvp command. This command acts as a toggle. Each time you use this command you'll see a message teling you whether it's turned on or off.

  • PVP ON This means that you can kill anyone who also has pvp turned on, as well as them able to kill you.
  • PVP OFF No-one can kill you, regardless of whether the other player has PvP turned on.

As mentioned above, the other player(s) that you wish to fight against will also have to use the /pvp command to turn it on.

What are the rules for pvp?

Basically, there isn't any set rules to follow - we like players to define their own for their own enjoyment. However as a suggestion it's best to all agree on rules before turning on your pvp and fighting, as this will help prevent any possible misunderstandings.

Placing some signs describing the 'rules' and each player then taking a screenshot as proof would be helpful to staff if any disputes over pvp-ing occur.

Some typical subjects to agree on would be:

All must decide on whether to 'giveback' the items a killed player drops, or not.

If both agree to do givebacks, then when a player is killed the other player should not pick up the items, or if they do accidentally pick them up - they MUST give back the players original items.

If they agree not to do givebacks, then the killer would have the right to pick up & keep anything that been dropped. the killed player has no rights to insist on getting all their items back.


If pvp-ing in the wilderness, it would be a good idea to suggest the play area and whether there's any 'safe zones' to let players recover their health

Weapons & Armour

All players should decide before fighting on what weapons and armour to use so that the fight is well balanced.

Spawn Kills

It should be agreed not to spawn kill. there would be many times a killed player would need to tp back to the other to pick up their dropped items - especially if givebacks been agreed

As a suggestion, the killed player should turn off their pvp before teleporting to the player, this should prevent any spawn killing from happening in the first place.