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The Server Rules

On the McDaily server we try to keep a positive and fun gaming environment for players of all ages. To achieve this we have a set of rules that must ensure the continued quality of the server. The rules may change over time without notice so make sure you check this once in a while. However, if you use common sense you would not have to fear breaking any rules. Keep in mind that our rules exist to maintain a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere on the server.

Consequences of breaking the rules will result in a punishment determined by our staff members. This can vary from receiving a warning, mute, getting kicked, or receive a (permanent) ban.

Treat everyone with respect including our staff who are here volunteering their time to maintain McDaily's wonderful community based atmosphere. Do not harass, call them names, spam them or be rude to them.

You are responsible for your own account

Do not let others use your Minecraft account, and make sure you have a hard-to-crack password. If you let someone use your account and they break the rules, you'll be held completely responsible for that.

No advertising

No advertisements for other servers, not in chat (In-game or on Discord Chat Server), not via private messages!

It's also not allowed to spam the IP of our server on other servers; if we get complaints you can get punished.

Family friendly Chat

These rules apply to both the Game Server & the mcDaily Discord Chat Server

  • Watch your language. Cursing is okay, as long as you don't do it over and over again - we can tolerate to the occasional slipup, however we would prefer it that you try to avoid such language.
  • Be polite and treat everyone with respect.
  • Do not troll and spam the chat with repetitive messages, lines from songs etc.
  • Do not bypass the swear filter.
  • Do not spam with (private) messages, mails, teleportation requests, or anything else.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate username. Too bad if you cannot change it.
  • Do not use any unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, hateful, racist, or otherwise objectionable and primitive language on the server.
  • IF you are muted or Tempbanned from the game server you MUST NOT use the Discord Chat server channel to bypass the mute/ban.
Modded clients
  • Do not use modded clients for bad purposes - we do allow some cosmetic mods to be used but if in doubt ask staff first.
  • No cheats, no duplicating, no spam or cheat macros, no xrays.
  • Cobblestone and Obsidian generators are allowed.
Stealing, griefing, and killing
  • Griefing, raiding, and stealing is only allowed within the Server Events and PVP Arena at Spawn, but only when there's no event going on.
  • You can only get robbed items back, or a griefed place restored, if you have claimed the area. If you did not protect your land properly you'll not get refunds. Do not add people to your plot or land claim you cannot trust.
  • Taking items from areas where it's obvious that the player had claimed incorrectly can also be considered stealing. If unsure Ask staff first
  • Picking up items from players who died outside of the Events and PVP Arena at Spawn can be considered stealing. Contact an in-game staff or give it back to the owner as soon as possible.
  • Do not make death traps.
Miscellaneous rules
  • DO NOT ask for free ranks, items, or OP status. You won't get it.
  • Keep the wilderness pretty; do not create 1x1 tunnels or 1x1 towers and do not leave floating trees.
  • DO NOT use alt accounts to gain an advantage over other players.
  • DO NOT claim land really close to big projects of other players. ASK them FIRST if it's ok to do so via '/mail send '.
  • DO NOT create constantly running redstone devices, use excessive lava/water columns to create cobblestone towers, or anything that can increase lag severely on the server - this can resort to kicks/bans & possibly total removal of such setups.