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Top Voters Rewards

Voting for McDaily on external voting server lists is the easiest and perhaps the most efficient way of supporting the community. Most players find their way on to our server by browsing these websites.

Reward Per Vote

For every vote you cast for McDaily you'll receive some small rewards. You'll always receive ❂ 250 suncoins, 10 sunpoints. When you're lucky you might get another reward, such as a durable tool or piece of weaponry, a decorative head, or some other item!

Reward for Monthly Top Voters

At the end of each month we hand out bigger rewards to the top five of voters for that month. On top of that we also pick one lucky winner, who needs at least one vote.

  • 1st place: A Big Mystery Crate ($9,95), 50K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
  • 2nd place: A Mystery Crate ($4,95), 25K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
  • 3rd place: A Mystery Crate ($4,95), 15K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
  • 4th place: A Mystery Crate ($4,95), 10K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
  • 5th place: A Mystery Crate ($4,95), 5K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
  • Lucky Draw: A Mystery Crate ($4,95), 5K suncoins & 100 sunpoints.
Vote Party

With each 50th vote casted all online players will receive a vote crate with lots of goodies.

Voting Chat Groups

By voting you can unlock certain chat groups. These chat groups can be used as a prefix in chat, and are visible as a role on Discord.

  • Total of 10 votes casted: Voter
  • Total of 25 votes casted: Supporter
  • Total of 50 votes casted: Lover
  • Total of 100 votes casted: Aletheia