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Types Of Punishments

Aug 3, 2016
Types Of Punishments
  • McDaily Punishments Guidelines

    Staff reserves the right to be more lenient/strict based on judgment of the situation​

    Chat Infractions
    Advertising =TempBan/Permanent Ban
    Inappropriate chat/ language/links, Bypassing Filter, Harassing, Accusing, Name-calling, Rudeness, Spamming, Caps, Not Responding to Staff, Racism.
    Warning, Mute-short, Mute-long, Kick, Jail-Mute, Tempban, Perm Ban​

    All Hacks = TempBan/PermBan


    Griefing is not allowed, staff will do everything in their power to keep mcDaily a grief free server

    Small Grief = 1st offense= warning and restore area
    Small Grief=2nd Offense= Jail-Mute/TempBan
    Large Grief=warning and restore area, Tempban/cooperation may give shortened Tempban time
    Large Grief=2nd Offense= TempBan-long/Perm Ban​

    Stealing/Looting/Player Traps

    Small amount = warn, replace items, Jail-Mute/TempBan
    Small amount= 2nd Offense - TempBan-long/Perm Ban
    Large Amount= TempBan-long/Perm Ban
    Player Traps = warn, replace items, Jail-Mute/ TempBan
    Player Traps = 2nd Offense – TempBan/PermBan​


    Inappropriate Skin – TempBan
    Inappropriate Username – Ask to change/TempBan 30d
    Abusing Glitches = TempBan/PermBan
    Combat Logging= Jail-mute, TempBan
    Ban Evasion – Alt Acct= PermBan
    Excessive Infractions =Jail-Mute/ TempBan/Perm Ban
    Inappropriate Build = warning to remove, Jail-Mute, TempBan
    Inappropriate Signs = warning to remove, Jail-Mute, TempBan​
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