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Wither Pet

Mar 31, 2015
Wither Pet

  • Introduction(top)

    The Wither is a pet that's only available to donators who have bought the Special Pets package from the Shop. This package includes multiple unique mob types that can be obnoxious when used, therefore not everyone can have these.

    Ride and Fly(top)

    By right clicking on your pet and selecting the Ride option you can ride on the back of your pet. This allows faster travelling than on foot. Optionally you can travel flying by holding the [SPACE] key.


    The pet can also ride your back. Pick the Hat option from the pet menu.

    Special Abilities(top)

    The Wither pet has two abilities. You can toggle his shield; the effect Withers have when they can be damaged by swords. And there's also the Name ability, in which you can display the Wither's name and health to all nearby players.

    JonasTheDiamond with his Wither Pet

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