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World Warps

Mar 28, 2015
World Warps

  • Introduction(top)

    As seen broadcasted on the server; if you and a few friends get together to make a village, and if it's good enough, a community warp sign can be placed at the World Spawn so others can come and visit your village with ease.

    While we'd love to have warps everywhere, we do have to take a few things into consideration before giving them out. So here's a couple of guidelines that you should consider before asking for one.

    Design Requirements(top)

    There's nothing worse than having a large area of mismatched buildings of different sizes and materials. Ideally the buildings should all match a design or theme. We do not expect everyone to be a great builder, so the looks of buildings do not matter that much. It's all fine as long as there's a general theme.

    Village Requirements(top)

    There's no point having visitors to your village unless there's something there for them to see or do. You could rent houses or plots to other players, set up experience farms, food farms, or minigames.

    Warp Requirements(top)

    We'll only give out a warp when there are multiple buildings built and when there's being actively worked on. Do not ask for a warp for a village you just started. Warps cost 5000 suncoins per month.

    Non-village Warp Requirements(top)

    There are occasions in which we could give out warps to places that are not villages. These places could be dedicated to minigames, or experience farms. These warps are completely free of charge! However we do not need multiple warps to farms of the same mob type.

    Examples Good and Bad Villages(top)

    The picture on the the left would be considered a 'badly themed' village, since none of the buildings match each other. Different materials, various odd sizes and no defining paths or borders. the picture on the right could be considered a 'good' themed village. The buildings all use similar build materials, similar designs and sizes, and actual 'defined' paths etc. It actually looks like a small town or village!

    Bad Village

    Good Village

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